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Service Quality

Service Quality Solutions                                                                                                                                     

Organizations today heavily invest in Service Quality Solutions with the realization that by not  having Service Quality Applications there is tremendous impact on the Customer and Business as follows:

  • Inability to have a 360 degree visibility of Customer (Complaints, Service Requests, Issues, Suggestions) from various touch-points
  • Lack of measurement of internal and external services to customers - Mystery Shopping Applications continuously measure services offered to the customer compared to services offered by competitors.
  • Lack of completeness of information, since the Service Quality Solutions integrate into various peripheral applications to summarize data and give it to the Agents or Retention Teams.
  • Loss in Time-to-Market, since product launch issues could quickly be fed-back into marketing to re-vamp the offering
  • Inability to quickly adapt to the changing and demanding market needs, allowing for IT to quickly fulfill Business requirements
  • Inability to see services from a Customer’s point of view, inability of tying-in Satisfaction Survey metrics to Agent Performances
  • Unable to track partial Operational Level Breaches in a timely manner so as not to impact Customer SLAs
  • No Real-time  Management Dashboard reporting for proactive remediation of situations before Customers are impacted

Solutions Offered:

  • Customer Support Application

      • Enhanced Customer Experience
      • Tailor-made for Customer Care and Service Quality Departments
      • Flexible Multi-channel Ticket Creation and Closure
      • Knowledgebase Module to increase FCR
      • Tight SLAs and KPIs
      • Hear the voice of the customer through powerful Surveys module
      • Embedded within your CRM
      • Issue Templates and Scripts to enhance efficiency of Frontliners

  • Mystery Shopping Application
    • Internal Service Measurement
      1. Evaluation Sheets submitted by Mystery Shoppers across geography to a centralized system
      2. Configurable Criteria and Weights for evaluation sheets based on business needs
      3. Advanced reporting
    • Competitor Service Measurement
  • Staff Surveys
  • Employee Appreciation Module